NFT collection Website

NFT collection Website The NFT P2E On-chain Game Website Design The Challenge The client intended to build an NFT-based play-to-earn game called “the Impossibles”. The vast collection of NFT illustrations was created for the game and our team was challenged to incorporate them into the interactive website design. 1 The design team had to match …

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Startup UI/UX design

The Silicon Valley startup ui/ux design The Challenge A great team from Silicon Valley is going to disrupt the tech industry with fast, secure and passwordless sign-in. This brilliant, backed by Y Combinator early-stage startup reached out to us for help. They understood how proper UI/UX design is important for closing another round of investment. …

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Table booking app design

Table Booking Application APP UI/UX Design Table Booking & Online Ordering App The Challenge No more complicated apps with unnecessary and outdated features – booking apps should be as simple as possible. The main goal was to redesign a solution for booking and ordering needs associating with max ease and add new features: 1 Show …

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Virus Tracking App

Health app APP UI/UX Design The Challenge The pandemic hit hard and unexpectedly. A non-profit organization reached out to us for contact-tracing mobile application design and development. 1 As almost nobody has done it before, we had to dig very deep for details 2 The scope was pretty huge, we had to design it for …

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Flower e-commerce design

Theleno e-commerce ui/ux design The Challenge Theleno has opened a successful offline flower store in Ukraine. As a part of business growth, they decided to invest in building the custom website to increase revenue and attract new clients online. 1 The team wanted to make ordering process highly customizable and interactive 2 To design a …

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UX Audit and Redesign

iT Consulting Company UX Audit and Redesign The Challenge As a software vendor REW team relied heavily on the website to educate users about their services. When they discovered how many visitors they were losing due to the website issues, they reached out to us. 1 An outdated user interface was affecting business’s revenue 2 …

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Website redesign

Louvre Museum DESIGN CONCEPT The Challenge We have challenged ourselves to compete for the best new design of the Louvre Museum Website. As you may think – it’s a dream job for any designer, to research, discover and investigate this divine place. 1 Design online experience that will inspire the new generation to learn more …

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If users were to choose a product or service mainly for usability and UX reasons, cats would no longer exist as domestic animals