Best 9 Law Firm Websites Must Haves For Your Website In 2022

Best law firm website design

Business in 2022 is different from the business back in the 2000s or even in 2019.

Whether you like it or not, an online presence is a must for every business: small to enterprise.

  • When was the last time you reviewed your website?
  • Is it well-optimized for mobile devices?
  • Does it load in under 3 seconds?
  • Is your content SEO optimized and easy to read?

Trust me when I tell you this – heavy in text, old-fashioned, not responsive website comes with a high cost of losing potential clients every day.

The easiest way to evaluate your website is to ask a professional UI/UX designer to perform a design audit. 

A design audit is sort of a checkup of your digital brand identity. The designer is analysing all the visual elements of the organisation, as well as the text, core messages and all brand marketing materials.

UX audit is also an important part of the design checkup process. Only a person with valid UI/UX design experience can perform it successfully. The UI/UX designer goes through the website and highlights all the issues users might be facing while navigating through it.

As a result, you get a comprehensive document where all the issues are listed, as well as possible solutions, new ideas and new business opportunities for the website.

☝️ Overall, there are 4 categories to consider when choosing the best website design for attorneys & law firms: speed, user-friendliness, responsiveness & creativity.

1. The website loading speed

The 2019 study by Portnet has key takeaways:

  • A site that loads in 1 second has a conversion rate 3x higher than a site that loads in 5 seconds.
  • 0-4 second time to load proved to be the best for increased conversion rates and low bounce rates.

You can check the loading speed for your website here.

⏱️ The BD& law firm - 1,2 sec

law firm website

The BD&P website is not only visually appealing and modern, but it also showed a record loading speed of 1,2 seconds.

Worth pointing out that the section “A history of success” is also really nice, it showcases their deep experience in the field. A great selling point!

⏱️ The Gottlieblaw firm - 1,5 sec

The Gottlieblaw firm website loads under 1,5 sec making it highly attractive for potential clients.

2. Minimalistic & user-friendly design

Continuing the topic above – the minimalistic websites load faster. Also, they are better at grabbing user attention and as obvious as it may sound – simple design is easier to use.

Never overcomplicate your landing page, with a strategic layout in your design, you can ensure that the visitors make the most of your site.

The clean and straightforward website covers everything the user is looking for from the very beginning.

The services are matched with illustrations. This trick helps you to cut some text and catch user’s attention while they are scrolling the website down.

law firm design 4

The DevisPolk team invested in quite unusual yet minimalistic website design. With no pictures used the creators relied on text highlights. 

3. Responsiveness of the website

What does it even mean? 

Responsive web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should adapt to the user’s needs and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

A huge chunk of UI/UX designers’ training and work is to make sure they create a responsive design. I don’t want to go into details but trust me, it takes time to practice this particular skill.

Also, you should keep in mind that nearly 57% of all traffic in the US comes from mobile devices and tablets (BrightEdge, 2017)

You can test your website here.

The BKLW team website is a great example of a highly adaptable lawyer website design. The website easily adapts to the device’s resolution without any information loss.

4. A little touch of creativity

A team of creative people will not only design you a responsive, SEO-optimized website but also will add something unique to it.

There are dozens of websites on the web, how are you going to stand out?

The big timer immediately catches your attention and demands further digging into the website to understand the concept. 

The whole idea is that the team promises to save you time by creating a customised offer for each client. 

Very unexpected website concept where you have to pick the company service first. Once you click on one of the 3 firm’s focuses then you can get more details about the company.


Whether you’re looking to design your website from scratch or want to redesign the existing one, there are plenty of professional agencies to help you.

Our advice? Start by getting a free consultation from top UI/UX specialists. They will tell you what needs to be improved, how long it would take and how much would it cost.

How to pick the best agency and don’t overspend? Easy, we have covered it here in detail.

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